9/7/23 – Athena was dumped along with two other siblings (?) in the yard of Jennifer’s neighbor. Jennifer took it upon herself to rescue all three and get them vaccinated/spayed/neutered but she saw that one was severely injured — Athena. She had what looked to be a deep gash on her neck. She was finally able to catch Athena and found that the wound was much worse than thought and filled with maggots. As she continued to trap the other two and get them medically seen, we agreed to help Athena. Fortunately, there was a vet in the area willing to work with us as a non-profit and Athena has been going through treatment and bandage changes there. She is doing good, gaining weight, and continuing to be treated before the wound can be closed. Jennifer caught one of the others shortly after getting Athena and will continue to trap the other and if needed, we will help them with their medical. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


9/7/23 – Sheba is a senior who was found wandering the streets of Detroit. She was rescued by our friends at Make A Difference Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, she had heart worm and was treated and got through that as well as her vaccines and medical care for chronic ear infections. On August 25 she went through a ‘routine’ spay but during surgery several tumors were discovered which needed to be removed which made her surgery more expensive. We were thankful to help Sheba and our friends in covering the majority of the invoice. We are confident that Sheba is in good hands now. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


9/7/23 – It was a year ago this coming Thanksgiving that Doorbuster was born to a chained mom who ended up having 9 puppies. (Doorbuster’s story can be found on the 4 paws 1 heart website). He was very sick and survived because of the love and care given to him by our friend Emily K. (a special needs foster for A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue), Dr. Zalac and the staff at Orion Animal Hospital, and of course, the funding donated by our generous supporters. Emily thought she had done her best to find Doorbuster the perfect adopter but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and Doorbuster was returned. The poor guy had unexplained puncture wounds with some behavioral issues.The adopters claimed to have trained him, etc. but that was obviously a falsehood and now Doorbuster is in training school and is with a foster who is also training him. Here is an update from Emily:

“Doorbuster is now 10 months old and doing fantastic in his foster home after being returned to the rescue. Doorbuster was born on Black Friday, hence the themed name. He was hand raised by a bottle feeder foster due to failure to thrive with nursing, so he’s VERY people oriented and such a love! He is working on training and learning the basics of doggo manners. He loves other dogs and has lived with cats in the past. He also loves kids and would do best with children who understand boundaries and may even be old enough to participate in training exercises. He has recently discovered the joys of playing with water, and he will play with any and every toy you throw his way. He is a bit of a dreamboat and would be a wonderful addition to almost any home! Apply to adopt this sweet guy at

Here’s some current photos and a couple from last December. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080