Please check out Jack’s initial postings on 8/6/23 (as Orange) & 9/13/23 about his journey after an initial dental surgery that went totally wrong. Here is his rescuer’s update:

“Hi Diana,

I wanted to give you a quick, positive update as to how my weekend went with Jack. He’s tolerating his tube feedings so well! He’s gotten used to our schedule and will start meowing when he knows it’s almost time. Today, I walked into the room to find he’d removed his t-shirt and put it in his litter box. He may be trying to tell us something

For his last feed of the day, I placed him on a table next to a crate where I have two semi-ferals kittens. Keep in mind, he shows absolutely no interest to his food while I’m tube feeding. However, when he sniffed out the dish of kitten food on the other side of the bars, he reached in so fast in an attempt to grab a handful. It made me so happy because it’s the first I’ve seen him act like a mischievous cat again.

Also, I’m pretty sure he said some harsh things to me when I put him back in his crate. I know he’s a cat, but there was definitely a tone to that meow.

We go for his checkup on Wednesday afternoon. Today is the most confident I’ve felt since his surgery that he’s gonna pull through this like a champ

You have my endless gratitude!-Angie”

Here are updated photos of Jack after having a bath (he’s so cute) and back, safe, in his healing crate. Please realize that your donations do make a difference. If it’s not life-saving surgeries it’s just the ‘standard’ testing, vaccines, and spay/neuter. All of which are life changing–for the animals and the humans who rescue them and later bring them into their homes. – diana

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