9/13/23 – It was July 19 when we were first contacted about a community cat who had been taken to a clinic to be vaccinated and neutered but was also found to be in need for a full dental extraction. Jack’s finder made a September 5 appointment for the surgery after we agreed to cover it. Jack’s rescuer assured me that he already had a permanent home and he would never be outside again. On September 9, Jack’s rescuer contacted me to say that Jack was in a great deal of pain, not eating, not drinking. Before contacting us again, his amazing rescuer took him to a nearby hospital who wanted to admit him; his mouth was infected and had open wounds. The rescuer didn’t have the funds to admit him and again contacted me. We were able to get Jack into Orion Animal Hospital on this past Monday, September 9. The hospital called me to report that Dr. Zalac wanted to hold poor Jack for the next couple of days giving him fluids, trying to get food into him, until it could be determined what could be done. The prognosis seemed promising at the time. Today I received the following from very sweet Jack”

“My name is Jack. Some of my friends call me Orange Cat. I was taken to another facility to have my teeth cleaned and extractions. Unfortunately, it went very wrong. My friends at Orion Animal Hospital stepped in to help me get better. My mouth is completely infected and it caused an abscess under my chin. 4paws1heart saved me, by hospitalizing me and giving me all the love that I need. I am currently in line for a blood transfusion. Dr. Zalac and staff will be placing a feeding tube since I am not currently able to eat. Although I am having a rough time, I am so sweet and make sure I give all my girls cuddles at Orion Animal Hospital. I love scratches and pets all over. My vet bill is growing and I am in need of some financial help so that I can get better find a forever home. The staff says I am the best boy and they are going to do everything they can to help me heal. Thank you for reading my story and donations “

So, we are all in for Jack. His rescuer will give him love and care during his recovery (prayers needed) and she still says that Jack has a furever home lined up. These are very difficult decisions but much has been invested in this very sweet animal and this is no time to turn our backs. Here is Jack when he was rescued and today. – diana

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It was 8/22/23 when Syrus was posted by a person asking for help for a ‘blind’ cat. It was unclear as to whether the cat had been recently found but the bottom line was that the poster had lost her home and didn’t have any money to help the cat. A mother and daughter team jumped into action and eventually got the cat and contacted us. Syrus was seen by Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital and it was hoped the eye could be saved. The journey began but unfortunately, last week I got the call that both eyes would need to be removed and that. Syrus was also positive for feline leukemia. It was a difficult decision based on the diagnosis but financial help was offered by Syrus’ savior and our amazing friend, Emily, offered to take in Syrus in that she has a spot for a feline leukemia kitty plus she is an expert with special needs animals. So the approval was given and Syrus will be given a chance to live a good life with much love and friendship. I will provide a follow up when available. – diana

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9/13/23 – Only about a year old but she led a very abusive life and finally was left in a carrier behind a pet store. Ivy was pregnant and a kind woman who volunteered at the pet store took her in and contacted us. She asked for our help in having Ivy see a doctor to confirm her pregnancy and to make sure she was healthy. That was done with our great medical partners at Orion Animal Hospital. And, last night, I received the following e mail:

“Ivy had 4 sweet babies last night! All different. She is being the best momma to her new kittens and I am so grateful and excited to watch these little ones grow! Your help was paramount in this young cats’ health and the survival of her kittens. My heart is so full! Ivy is being a great mother and all the babies are clean, active, nursing, and vocal. I will keep you posted on their journey. – Erin”

I hope your day is starting with a heart as full as mine from reading this happy update. Here is Ivy and her babies now and when Ivy was abandoned. We have offered to help with medical for mom and the babies when needed. – diana

4paws1heart.org/donations P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080