11/28/23 – Why is Soup so important to us??? Because in 2014, Soup was found on a lawn with his head stuck in a soup can (read about his journey on our website). It appeared he had been attacked, possibly by an animal, while being unable to defend himself and had a broken pelvis. Chance’s mom cared for him while he healed with crate rest and when he was fully recovered he was adopted by a wonderful family who continued to stay in touch with us. Of course, we care for all lost animals but Soup is in the hearts of everyone of us. – Diana.

And, he lived with Dave and I for a year until finding a forever home. Gina

Update: Soup was last spotted on Brys near Marter in Saint Clair Shores. Please keep looking and sharing. This very special boy needs to get home to his family! Gina

Update: Caught on a ring camera on Friday, Brys and Marter. – Mary Beth P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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