3/19/24 – Well, tonight is the official beginning of Spring and the need keeps getting greater for the cats and dogs on our streets. Babies are being born, abandoned animals are getting injured and ill, and the veterinary clinics, especially, the low cost clinics, are overwhelmed as are the rescue groups. Funds go out faster than they come in but we are thankful for our many donors and supporters who continue to get us through these tough days.

This is Baby. Over the last few years, the woman who contacted us has been helping out a lady in Detroit with the strays she cares for. She gets them tnr’d, provides them shelters for the winter, and buys food. Baby is a friendly that she brought inside; he has been inside for a few weeks. But, recently she noticed that he was attacking his tail and yells in pain. With further examination, it appears he has puncture wounds but difficult to tell the extent because of the long fur. Baby has been authorized to be seen at one of our partner clinics and we pray that some antibiotics and topical care will take care of Baby’s medical needs. – diana

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