3/29/24 – Scott’s story started July 31, 2023 when we received the following e mail:

“Hi Diana, I, along with a few other people have been caring for Chrissy Brandon’s colonies. We noticed this guy at one of her colonies over the weekend. He’s an older guy and we don’t want to trap until we for sure have a plan for him. I’m not sure if his front paw is hurt and he was walking on it. His back paw he keeps up and jumps around. It also seemed to take a toll on him. Thanks, Danica”

Chrissie was an amazing woman who cared for cat colonies and also rescued a cat or two. 4 paws 1 heart helped with medical funding several times. Unfortunately, Chrissie passed away and thankfully people like Danica stepped in to help. Of course we said we’d help. Scott was seen within a couple of days at Orion Animal Hospital.

Scott was sedated to be x-rayed. Unfortunately the infection around the leg bone was so severe the doctor couldn’t see anything. Scott was prescribed 3 different meds to be given over the next couple of months and a 2-week follow up appointment was made. On January 30, 2024 I contacted Danica to get an update on Scott. After the infection cleared, the doctor was finally able to see a fracture which would heal itself. Scott does have arthritis in his leg so he still has a limp. Danica was unable to find anywhere for Scott to go so he’s made himself at home with her. Danica says he’s not snuggly at all but does get close. When feeding she gets a thank you hiss, and he loves hanging out on the couch. So, another happy beginning for an ‘old man’ who was living in a cat community but is now comfy, healthy, and loved because of our amazing village. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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