Baby D – RIP – Found in a Cat Colony With Her Umbilical Cord Still Attached

9/28/20 – RIP Baby D. Our friend, Jo A., received a ‘911’ call at 5 p.m. last Saturday about a 1-3 day old kitten found in a cat colony who still had her umbilical cord attached and who had a leg chewed off. Jo was at work so she couldn’t respond but that is when the village stepped up. First, we contacted our good friend and 30+ year expert in cat care, Debbie N. We decided that the kitten should be taken to the emergency hospital if she could get in asap. We then contacted our friend Debra B. who agreed to transport, although the baby was a considerable distance from where we are all located. I contacted the emergency hospital who advised the wait time could be several hours. We were concerned because we didn’t know if the baby could last that long.
Upon reaching Baby D, Debra found the baby very cold and lethargic and her leg was indeed chewed off. She was also very dirty. I checked again with the vet and learned they still continued to be seriously backed up. We decided to take her first to Debbie N. who was able to clean her, feed her, get her warm and give her some love. Unfortunately, when it was time for sweet Baby D’s 11:30 pm feeding, Debbie found she had passed away. Debbie and the rest of us believe that the mom may have been confused and chewed off the baby’s leg instead of the umbilical cord. The leg obviously became very infected, and she was also in this condition during a very cold and dewy night. We are thankful that she was finally warm and loved when she passed and she is no longer in pain. We are also thankful to our Village of caring individuals who will drop everything for the love of an animal. – diana

Garfield – Rescued with Severe Bites to His Legs Requiring Hospitalization

9/28/20 – The rescuer was contacted by a homeowner who had been caring for a group of cats on her property. A cat appeared to have been hit by a car and it was reported that the leg was “dangling”. Holly contacted us and she and her son picked up the cat, Garfield, and brought him to our vet. It turned out that the leg had become infected as a result of what appeared to be bites. Garfield spent a couple of days in the hospital and today he is ready for his furever home. He has been vaccinated and neutered. He also tested negative for FIV and FeLV. As you can see, he is very handsome. If you are interested in adopting Garfield, contact Holly at: – dianagarfield 9:28:20 garfield 9:8:20

Diva – Update

9/27/20 – Update from Foster Mom, Dee:

“Now it’s a sit and wait time…or in Diva’s case…nap and wait time. Yesterday Diva spent the day with Gina DeLuca Jenio at the vet where she works. A fecal sample is being sent out to run a panel on ….or as I call it the Poop Panel. Gina also found some Little roundworm friends in her poop….so that might be a small piece of the puzzle…deworming happened last week. A new probiotic is being given…Hopefully that will kick in because overnight her poop sucked. But what doesn’t suck…is Diva…being a trooper, playful and beyond spunky. Anytime she can escape her enclosure she bolts! Love her to pieces. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for being there to back her medical… and Cynthia Wojtowycz diva 9:27:20for all the reiki energy you are providing. It takes a team (and a lot of laundry- lol!)

Diva – Update

9/26/20 – Continued Prayers for Diva

“We don’t know what is going on with Diva but something is….besides the most bazar poop we ever saw before …I ask please send prayers and positive energy her way, She is trooper and stronger and has more spirit than most people. Gina DeLuca Jenio is on it… and thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for having Diva’s back and medical. Foster Mom Dee”diva 9:25:20

Lil’ Pancake – Happy Update – Successful Surgery For a Kitten Born Without an Anus

9/24/20 – Happy Lil’ Pancake Update-On August 11 we were asked to help with surgery for a 9 week-old kitten born without an anus. She would vomit and fecal matter would pass through her vulva whenever she got blocked. We were thankful that we could help save this little girl and give her a chance at a good quality of life. She did have successful surgery and when we followed up we learned that Lil’ Pancake was running and playing like the kitten she is although she did have a little leakage which resulted in some irritation. Wearing preemie pampers helped Lil’ Pancake and yesterday we received an update from Deborah, Founder of Saving Cats & Kittens in MI. – diana
Lil Pancake w: Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan 8:11:20 lil pancake-Deborah Nelson lil pancake 8:22:20 lil pancake--8:22:20 lil pancake---8:23:20
“Diana, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that little pancake is doing fantastic after her surgery and to thank you so much for helping us save her life.
She is just a joy, the happiest little kitten, and she has quite a bit of control in the litter box and only needs cleaning up sometimes.
We truly thought she would be a diaper baby after the surgery but she has really made great progress.
Thank you for all that you do.- Deborah”

Stefan – Adopted – He Was Found Emaciated With His Head Chewed Up –

Update from Foster Mom, Dee:  Stefan has been adopted…wonderful women was very interested in another kitty I have for adoption….I knew she wasn’t what she was looking for…..but I knew Stefan was….and now known as Rascal….purrfect name for him…..happiness is happening!stefan=9:22:20 stefan 9:22:20
Stefan came from off the streets…he was super skinny, hissy and scared. Some sort of animal tried to eat his head…literally….has a chuck out of his ear to prove it and a now gone, bacterial infection due to the bite. NOW…Stefan is the sweetest, loveable…. Melty kitten…what is a melty kitty…one that just lays in your arms and melts. He loves laps and being carried around…and then run around like crazy. He has the craziest meow that doesn’t stop…and that is just 1 long long… long meow. We laugh at him constantly….now it’s time to share him….find a home of his very own. He about 3 months old, Negative tested FIV, FeLV & heartworm. Shots & Rabies done…and will be neutered in a couple of weeks. Oh did I mention he is the longest legs I have ever seen on a cat. Please if you would love a lap kitty…with the craziest meow and longest legs- contact me! Please contact me through messenger or email at Stefan is located in St Clair Shores, MI. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of his medical and for other homeless and abandoned animals. And thank you Stephanie Bushey for be the superwomen who wouldn’t leave him under the propane rack like the others did.”

Chris – Born Cross-Eyed and Needing Medical Assistance

9/22/20 – Chris lived a barn life in his first 5-6 weeks. He was recently rescued by Paws, Awes, & Claws. Because of a number of serious cases they have been involved with in the past recent months, the director contacted us to see if we could help with two kittens needing complicated medical help. As our supporters know just by following our cases, this has been a very, very tough 5-6 months of dying and very ill and injured cats/kittens, so it was no surprise that this rescue was overwhelmed as we often are. Because of the number of requests for help we’ve had, I agreed to help Chris who has issues with his eyes. As you can see from the photo, Chris is cross-eyed. He has been taken to one vet already and it is suspected he might have entropion in both eyes. Chris is at the point where he can hardly open one eye. He will be seen our one of our favorite, go-to doctors and we will go from there. Please keep little Chris in your prayers — he is under 2 lbs and will surely need our positive thoughts should he need surgery. If possible, please consider making a donation so that we can continue to meet the needs of these innocent, ill animals. They have no one else but all of us. – Diana

Molly – Born to a Feral Mom and Rescued at 5 Weeks Old With An Upper Respiratory Infection

9/20/20 – Molly was born to a feral mom and rescued at 5 weeks old when she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. She has been treated but will require more antibiotics and then the usual vetting — spay, vaccines, and testing — which will all be done before being adopted. Unfortunately, all of this is taking longer than usual because of the back-ups resulting from the months of shut downs and restrictions amongst the veterinary hospitals. Molly is a polydactyl and already has a new mom lined up. The new mom is in California helping with the fires but will be back home soon to welcome her new baby. We were very thankful that we could help our 4p1h friend, Shari B, who we have worked with in the past. She does a great job in finding the purrfect homes for those she rescues. – diana

Tigress – The Rest of the Story

9/19/20 – Jeff’s second writing about his journey rescuing Tigress. – diana
“And here is the one I wrote today. – Jeff Moore
“The Waiting Is The Hardest Part”
My hand shook while I filled out the form in my car, granting my consent to the vet for her care. Tigress was in rough shape. I was worried about her prognosis and nervous that the vet would recommend euthanasia.
On our three-hour drive home from Sturgis the other day, where she was found outside, struggling to survive, the thought crossed my mind that her life was now in my hands and I, and only me, would have to determine her fate.
It was a heavy thought.
She hardly fought me as I put her in the pet carrier to take her to the vet. I wondered if that was a bad sign, perhaps she had accepted death and the release from the pain she had been feeling for quite some time.
On the short drive to the vet, she gazed at me with her sad, beautiful green eyes, as her nose watered and her tongue stuck out, drool running down her chin. She sneezed once or twice. She was pitiful looking.
I had to remain strong for her, I thought.
The vet technician came to get her out of the car and gently carried her into the office. Sadly, I had to remain in the car while they examined her.
The wait, a mere half hour, seemingly took up my entire morning.
I fiddled with my phone. I turned the radio on and off. I shooed a bee out of my car that had flown in through an open window. I watched an elderly lady in the car next to me pluck hairs from her chin while she waited for her dog, also inside.
Why was this taking so long, I asked myself, bracing for the worst news possible.
The door to the veterinary office shot open and out walked the vet technician who had taken Tigress in, minus Tigress.
I rolled my window down. It went down slowly despite me anxiously pressing on the button as hard as I ever have.
“We gave her a shot of antibiotics, her rabies vaccination and her distemper. She only has one tooth left so it will be a dry food diet going forward. She is not a fan of having her face touched,” the vet technician said, in the most matter-of-fact way, holding up her hand to show me where Tigress had scratched her. “I will bring her out to you in a few minutes.”
I felt stupid but quite relieved at the same time. My worrying was all for naught.
Tigress was a fighter, after all, having spent the past two years living outside. This would not be the day she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Instead, we were on our way home to start her new life.”
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