Bruiser (aka Rusty)

UPDATE: Remember Rusty?? Nicole, one of our fb friends, found him on the side of a highway; dirty, matted, intact, and a lump near his abdomen. She had been trying to find the owner but without success; was willing to keep the little guy but couldn’t afford the initial vetting and potential operation. 4P1H is all about funding medical treatment with the goal of finding a forever home, so we offered to pay for Rusty’s medical needs. We are so very happy for Nicole, her family, and Rusty (aka Bruiser) Here is an update from Nicole:

“I have some very exciting news!!!! Rusty’s owner found him and I was heart broken, thinking she would try and take him away from me. But luckily she just offered him to me. She told me she didn’t want him and she was just going to “get rid of him anyway” because she can’t take care of him. He has NEVER been to a vet or been groomed, she was a younger girl and I think she had no idea how to care for the animal. I found out he will be one in July, she didn’t know the exact date. His name was Bruiser, which I have been calling him. She told me occasionally he was left alone for a few days because she didn’t have time for him. Today has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. From thinking he was going to be taken away from me, (which is equivalent to taking one of my kids away) to the joy and relief of hearing her say I can keep him, then learning the dreadful way he spent the first year of his life. But right now Bruiser and I are at ease knowing we are together for good now, it’s the greatest feeling in the world This dog is so bonded to me and vice versa. He refuses to leave my side, but that’s fine with me. I love this dog and I am so thankful for all you have done to make it possible for him to be a permanent member of our family. I am working on collecting some donations from my co-workers, who are all animal lovers, since you have helped me. I will let you know when we have it ready for you.Again, I really cannot thank you enough! I will be for ever grateful to you.Nicole and Bruiser!

7/23/12 Update:  Bruiser has been neutered and his hernia has been repaired compliments of 4P1H and the love of Nicole and her family.  Happy Beginnings!!

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One comment on “Bruiser (aka Rusty)

  1. Hi Nicole~
    The story of adorable Bruiser’s first year (whatever is wrong w/people??) is too
    heartbreaking, but what a happy ending, heartwarming story for all of you!!
    Love the name Rusty for him, have you considered keeping it~brand new life and name. Plus, Bruiser=sad, horrible times. Just a thought.
    Very best wishes to you and your little boy, both so lucky!
    Jo & Family (all rescues-I am so lucky too!)

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