Bitten by the love bug….

6/9/14 – Another call out for help from the rescuer of this sweet and mysterious cat he has named Bittens. Brad L. reached out to us for help because Bittens seemed lethargic and appeared to have an eye infection. Of course we agreed to help — anything to make sure a once homeless cat/dog will know the joy of a loving family. Here he is today.

Cat with a ‘tude??? who would have thought?

Thought that this news and photo would start your Monday just perfectly. Remember Felix? Our friend, Brennen, after many efforts, rescued Felix (aka Katniss) from the freezing cold this past January. Felix turned out to be a Felicia and had a baby while she was in foster. The baby has now been adopted. Does this little one have ‘tude??? ~ diana

Mustang is going home!

Update on Mustang (I forgot pic in last post). Well this lil guy is doing wonderful getting tons of love and attention with foster mom, “June” who took over after foster mom, “Lisa” got him strong enough and he is scheduled to go to his new forever home with, “Chuck” on Friday. Another 4p1h happy ending  gina

Calvin Is now Adopted!

9/22/13 – Update on Calvin; our little kitten that was found with his brother in a car motor.. Thank you to the wonderful family who opened their hearts and home:) ~ Gina This is Calvin..we adopted him from Moore Veterinary today. They told me he was rescued by your group after being found with his brother under a car motor in Detroit. I’m sorry we couldn’t take his brother also. But wanted to thank you for saving them. Calvin is very sweet and cuddly.

Snickers Got Adopoted

Snickers was adopted February 15, 2012 by facebook friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart and the mom and dad of a kitty adopted by our friends at A Scooter’s ResQ. He will be one spoiled kitty! ~ diana
Presenting….Sir Snickers Joey Gudenau!
For all the Snickers’ fan and warriors….Snickers is doing fantastic in his new home. It hasn’t been even 24 hours and it feels like he has always been here. I will post more pics tomorrow! Snickers says thank you all for your love ans prayers…they worked! [Snickers’ middle name is for the boy angel that, thank goodness found him that night]

Treasure Found Her Place of Love

Just to save everyone time, here was our original posting about Treasure. She was moved around a couple of times but eventually found her place of love with Christine Hyde Tidwell. Here is her story and her original photo from one the owners brought her in to be euthanized. ~ diana


SHE has been abused, forced to breed numerous times and was saddled with infections. Treasure is hospitalized for badly infected bite wounds. She has a drain tube from her spine to underneath her chest. I don’t think Treasure ever experienced a bath or unconditional love in her life based on the odor and filth she was presented with. I think she was mainly used for popping out puppies! We got her owner to surrender her to us as opposed to euthanizing. ~ Gina

Little Vincenzo Update

Remember our little Vincenzo. He was rescued by people who were visiting down South and then surrendered because he had worms. I can’t believe this guy was laying on a blanket on our kitchen island not that long ago. How wonderful to know that he has found a family who loves him so much. Merry Christmas, “Vincenzo” and May God Bless NBS Animal Rescue and his new family. ~ diana

“Does anyone remember “Vincenzo” the puppy? He was saved by the wonderful ladies at 4 Paws 1 Heart and entrusted into our care as a puppy. This Christmas he is thankful for his wonderful family and the rescuers that got him there. What a handsome boy he has grown to be (and his parents say he is still growing). His new name is Sully.  ~ NBS Animal Rescue”

Update on Louie the Silver Persian

Update: December 13, 2012 – Louie was adopted!!
Louie was surrendered to 4 Paws 1 Heart in August due to problems with not getting along with dogs. He was fostered by A Scooter’s ResQ, and now has got his Christmas wish, a home all to himself. He will be the only cat in the household and will be treated as the prince he is. He loves his new home, he immediately felt comfortable and began exploring every nook and cranny.

Update: August 11, 2012: Louie is currently being fostered by A Scooter’s ResQ, anyone interested in him can fill out an application at ASRQ Adoption Application

Louie is a 6 year old male, front de-clawed, and neutered silver Persian who is in need a home.  He is SUPER SWEET and just one heck of a lover.  Louie requires a special diet called C/D because he occasionally gets urinary tract infections.  Louie needs to be in a home where he can get all the love another wards he prefers to be the king:)