Heros for Homeless Animals

4 Paws 1 Heart is once again happy to be able to send some medical dollars to Heroes for Homeless Animals. This was one heck of a rescue. Thank God this poor female will never have to have another litter. I can’t imagine what would have happened to the new puppies let alone all of the ones she gave birth to before and were taken by God knows who and for what purpose. Thank you again to all of our rescue friends who do so much! ~ diana

 “Urgent call came to us about an emaciated mama dog spotted stray in a field on the eastside of Detroit. After scoping out the area, it was discovered that the mama dog had 8 babies in a field. Upon arrival back to the scene, the puppies had “magically” been moved underneath a collapsed garage. In order to save them, the group of rescuers crawled under the garage and scooped the 8 (approx 6 week old) puppies to safety. Neighbors in the area tried to walk off with puppies and stated that they were feeding the mama! They stated that she always looks this way every time she has puppies. She has had 2 litters just this year!Heroes offered to take them into rescue. Mama is in very rough condition, but the babies all seem healthy other than being full of worms most likely. They will all be seeing our vet tomorrow.”

By: Portia Reilly