Gracie (now known as Angie)

UPDATE 9/28/2012:  Gracie (now known as Angie):  Cynthia, our 4P1H Board member and foster for A Scooter’s ResQ, sent us this message and photo. ~ diana   “Angie is so cute…love her already. Thank you, Gina, for saving her she will make someone a very special companion.”

4P1H NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Gracie was bleeding out of her ear and couldn’t walk. Her eye on the right side was off for two days, but after emergency medical care from our doctors and staff, I’m happy to say she is eating, walking, purring soooo loudly. A child slammed a door on her and ruptured her eardrum on the right side. She was surrendered over to 4 paws 1 heart who paid for her medical needs and gave her a second chance.Gracie is a stray female kitten, about 11 weeks old, and all white with the exception of a gray spot in the middle of her forehead. WE NEED HELP FROM ONE OF OUR RESCUE FRIENDS TO TAKE HER IN TO FIND HER A HOME WHERE SHE WILL BE LOVED AND TAKEN CARE OF. If you can help, contact Gina at [email protected] ~ gina

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