Cookie Update

12/5/12 ¬†COOKIE Update: I spoke with Philip last night and he has talked with Cookie’s mom a few times. She is very anxious to meet us and is eternally grateful for our rescue. We think we will all be getting together Sunday; she also wants to see where her baby was found. I just want to say that it’s incidents such as this one which inspired Gina and I to start 4 Paws 1 Heart. This time we were the good samaritans bringing in the lost animal to the vet but every day and night there are good samaritans bringing in found and many times injured animals to veterinarians. Often, the staff will use their own money to pay for medical treatment. But, then what? What happens to the animal when the owner can’t be found or where there is no owner. Unfortunately, very often injured animals are euthanized because there is no one to pay for the treatment required and no where for the animal to go. And, that is where 4 Paws saw a need and we are thrilled and humbled that we have been able to build relationships with like-minded animal advocates/rescues and get the support of so many animal lovers all over. ~ diana



The Macomb County Sheriff Marine Division responded to our story. It’s good to know they were ready and willing to be there. We are very lucky to have them in our ‘backyard’. ~ diana
“Macomb County Sheriff Marine Division: It is a great story and good to hear that there are people that will go to great lengths to help another of Earth’s creatures. Not to make this about us, but just to make sure the information is available, the Marine Division will respond to help animals and in fact we were just about in front of your address when dispatch notified us that the dog was safe. We hope your good deed will come around full-circle someday, just like Cookie’s owner’s care for your grandparents”

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