Sweetpea Adopted!!!

An Update from our wonderful friends Rebecca Aikins, Aaron Fortin, and Jaime Wolfe, all from NBS Animal Rescue:


It’s a very special day for each and every person who had a hand in saving this special

fella from the misery he endured by his previous owner! From those who prayed for him to get well during his surgeries and illnesses, who “liked” and “shared” his updates, who sent him cards and presents along his road to recovery, and who helped encourage his care takers along the way – today we celebrate that Sweetpea has found a family who will treasure him for the rest of his life. From all of us at NBSAR we cannot thank our supporters enough for their constant positive thoughts, words of encouragement, and love that has been shown for Sweetpea – he really is a very special fella!

Sweetpea has found his fur-ever home with the amazing Kim and Ron Hogan! Kim and Ron worked with Sweetpea over a period of several intermittent days in order to help Sweetpea transition from his foster home and get used to his new environment. They patiently worked with him on his separation anxiety, sought out advice from Sweetpea’s awesome foster parents, learned sign language to communicate with him, and prepared their house so Sweetpea had a similar set up to the one he was used to in his foster home. Kim and Ron are committed to making sure Sweetpea is loved, cared for, adored, and cherished as a true member of their family.

We would like to give a huge Bark Out to our fantastic friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart, Gina and Diana, as well as the amazing staff at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center who so lovingly cared for Sweetpea’s medical needs. A huge Paws Up goes out to Sweetpea’s foster parents Stacy and Brett for all of their hard work in helping Sweetpea transition from foster homes and his fur-ever home – you did a wonderful job helping Sweetpea prepare for his fur-ever family and encouraged him to gain confidence in himself, to experience joy in playing with his foster sister Millie the Pug, to know how great chewing on bones are, and to know the love and gentle touch of kind humans.

From all of us at NBS Animal Rescue – we cannot begin to thank our friends and supporters enough for their kind words of encouragement and the unwavering support you have given Sweetpea during his road to recovery. We are so very blessed to have such caring and wonderful supporters!

Kim and Ron – we thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming Sweetpea into your family. We look forward to many many many happy updates and pictures of Sweetpea’s wonderful life with you both! Your genuine concern for what is best for Sweetpea and kindness in sending positive updates to Sweetpea’s concerned foster parents was very much appreciated. We wish you and Sweetpea the very happiest of lives together and look forward to seeing pictures as he continues to blossom and grow into a happy, healthy, well loved pup!

Happy Tails Sweetpea! ♥  ~ NBS Animal Rescue”