Found in an Alley, Broken Jaw and Displaced Hip….

It was just two months ago that our girl was rescued by a police office and an animal control officer. We told her story — found in an alley with a broken jaw and displaced hip from being hit by a car. A benefactor helped with her surgery and a kind-hearted, knowledgeable veterinary technician took her in to foster. Although the adoption papers have not been signed, we’re hoping that this wonderful person makes Pistol Annie her own. And, yes, one of the photos does show Pistol Annie playing with a goat. Makes your heart feel good; doesn’t it??? ~ diana

July 27, 2013 Update:  Wonderful News!!!  Pistol Annie has been officially adopted by her foster mom, Traci.  Thank you, Traci for everything you’ve done for our girl.  As I said, it was fate the day you met her at the hospital where you work. ~ diana

Meet Nia

7/11/13  More help for our rescue friends who help us so much when a sick or abandoned animal comes our way. Meet Nia. Nia lost an eye as a result of her owner using an inexpensive flea treatment. She has been through a lot but thankfully when Tigerlily received the call from the veterinary’s office advising that her owner had surrendered her. Tigerlily, once again, came through. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we could help with her medical bills. Anyone interested in adopting this sweetheart should contact Tigerlily Cat Rescue. ~ Diana