Helping Our Fellow Animal Advocates – Meet Sheeba

7/2/14 – Dog Aide is a phenomenal organization who performs community outreach, assists with rescue, and maintains a pet food pantry. 4 Paws 1 Heart is always happy to help them in their efforts. We will be delivering 101 pounds of dog food for use in their outreach program and sending medical dollars for help with Sheba. Unfortunately, Sheba is still struggling to recover from Parvo and you can keep up with her progress on the Dog Aide fb page. Here is her sad story: ~ diana

“This is Sheeba, she is only 14 months old and another victim of the horrible Parvo virus, it’s on the rise in the City Of Detroit, we are seeing more and more cases of it in several Detroit neighborhoods. Dog Aide friend Margo Schmidt who spends countless hours in the City helping dogs was notified about this poor girl and she rushed out to pick her up, Margo took her to our vet Canton Animal Hospital where they confirmed the diagnosis of Parvo, in addition Sheeba also has a large laceration under her neck, with 15 to 20 old healed smaller lacerations. Parvo treatment was started and her laceration wound was clipped and cleaned.
Sheeba needs your prayers to help her through this deadly virus

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