DUSTY – Loses Her Babies

8/12/14 – Dusty Update 10:00 a.m. – Dusty’s baby’s born at the house all died during the night or at birth.  I just heard from the doctor at the Animal Health Associates Veterinary. Dusty has one more baby in her who was not viable. We decided that the best decision would be to spay Dusty and make sure she is out of danger and can now receive medication. Words cannot express how much I appreciate the help of this wonderful staff and I’m sure that Jen will agree. Dusty will be scheduled for surgery today. Keep her in your prayers. ~ diana
8/12/14 Dusty is out of surgery and is doing very well. ~ diana
8/15/14 Dusty is home and the entire family is in love with her.  She will finally have the home she so much deserves. ~ diana
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