DONATIONS – Help Us Continue to Save the Abandoned and Abused Like Our Hercules

We’ve made so many new friends since we took on our boy, Hercules, back in May of 2012. If you have any doubt what he looked like as compared to today, here he is when he first came to us — emaciated, unable to stand on his two back legs, couldn’t even walk up a few steps. He was a beaten, physically and mentally, little puppy. I get teary eyed remembering. He is the first dog who has ever been in my house. Thank You once again to Matt Virgadamo, ACO who saved him from his evil owner, Gina DeLuca who loved him and fostered him, Dr. Balaj of Harper Woods Veterinary, Lori Jobak, who provided months of hydro therapy, Dr. Tari Kern (mom and doctor), WDIV who put out Herc’s story and, of course, all of the people who cared enough to donate. Be proud of what all of you accomplished. And, proudly, here is our Herc today dressed in his Irish green.hercules5:2012hercules3:17:15~ diana

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