Humane Society of Macomb – High Kill Rate

3/26/15 – Please visit this facebook page, especially if you live in Macomb County or the nearby counties where your lost animal might cross People who donate to the Humane Society of Macomb should know how their donations are spent and this ‘shelter’ seems to spend their donated dollars on killing. If you check out the Michigan Department of Agriculture Animal Shelter Report for 2013 you will see that they reported receiving 1,363 cats and killing 1,495 (over 100% kill rate ???); 686 dogs received and 441 killed (65% kill rate). Compare that to a the City of Detroit Animal Shelter which is a government run entity with NO donations — 71% kill rate for cats and a 75% kill rate for dogs AND this is in the City of Detroit where they can’t refuse entry and where there is a overwhelming number of stray animals. Now, also compare all of those numbers to the Macomb Animal Control Shelter — 44% for cats and 36% for dogs and their numbers continue to go down based on policy changes under the current Chief. There are way too many good rescue groups who are truly saving animals who can use your hard-earned money (including 4p1h of course). It’s bad enough that our tax dollars are used to kill animals but to use donated money to kill at such rates in a county like Macomb is unacceptable. As soon as I get a copy of their tax filing, I will share it with all of you. ~ diana

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