Dusty – Born With a Deformed Leg

6/28/15 – Meet Dusty. He is one of 3 kittens found in very poor conditions. Jennell F. (foster mom for Molly and McGee) called me because one of the little ones was missing part of his leg. She had no idea what had happened or the actual condition but asked if we could take Dusty under our medical wing if she took him in. We agreed. Dusty was taken to one of our partner vets and the good news is that with the exception of needing an enema, Dusty is in pretty good health. His leg is actually a birth defect but nothing that will stop him from being a loving, active little kitty. Anyone interested in adopting Dusty when he is ready, should contact [email protected] – dianadusty6:27:15

Molly and McGee

6/28/15 – A bit of sunshine on the gloomy Sunday morning in S.E. MI. Many of our friends will remember Molly and McGee (now Mango) . They spent weeks on death row in a high-kill shelter. Molly was pregnant, sick, and emaciated; McGee was emaciated. Word was that they were not being fed well. A Chief from a nearby County shelter was able to get them released and they found their way into the home of Patricia B. and under the medical care of 4 Paws 1 Heart. McGee didn’t take too much. Once he gained a little weight he was able to be vaccinated and neutered but poor Molly was another story. She gave birth to 5 dead babies and was taken to the hospital to make sure there were no other complications. Molly struggled through her recovery and even though separated by a crate, McGee would spend hours laying on Molly’s crate. Molly had to see the doctor a couple more times but she finally was healthy enough to be spayed. mollyandmcgee6:27:15It was then that she tested positive for leukemia. We didn’t know what to do. Then a kind woman, Sue, stepped in and adopted both Molly and McGee. Sue took Molly and McGee to her vet and another test was performed on Molly. Molly tested NEGATIVE for leukemia. The doctor said that tests are not always reliable. And now, just a few months away from that awful time on death row, Molly and McGee(aka Mango) are loved, healthy, and safe. Yes, it does take a village and included in that village are 4 Paws 1 Heart supporters who take the time to participate in our fundraisers and donate their hard-earned money so that we can make a difference in the lives of the abandoned and abused. ~ diana

Upcoming Fundraisers – 2015

Please share – 4 Paws 1 Heart has many events this summer which will help us take care of all of those abandoned and abused babies we get called about. Whether they are animals being pulled from high-kill shelters, found on the streets, or surrendered by the owners, we try to leave no animal behind. Although we care for animals anywhere in Michigan, we do have a strong following in Macomb County and those communities touching Macomb. Consequently, we have scheduled many events in the Macomb County, MI area. Thank you to the many businesses who work with us to make this happen — California Pizza Kitchen, Jefferson Yacht Club, and the Macomb Bike and Fitness, and Please share and I hope to see many of our friends. ~ dianaelviscpkflyerPedal for Paws 20155k9:12:15

Blizzard – Will He Find His Forever Family?

6/27/15 – Remember Blizzard? He was found in single digit temperatures, under a fence in deep snow, during a blizzard in early February. Once taken to emergency he was found to have foreign sharp objects in his intestines. After emergency surgery, he remained in the hospital under the care of Gina. Our great friends at Misfit Angels Rescue took Blizzard in and now today he is on his way to Ohio to meet potential adopters. Paws crossed for our senior guy. Here are his photos of when he was first brought in and today on his ride to Ohio.blizzard 6:27:15 blizzard2:7:15

One Day Old Kitten – RIP Sweet One

6/27/15 – RIP sweet baby.. I took home 2 one day old kittens last week that didn’t survive. I lost them within 3 days. Please spay and neuter. Please don’t allow your cat outside.
The veterinary staff, people in rescue, and those that individually hand raise kittens are tired of watching them die. It’s heartbreaking, so please be a responsible pet owner or don’t have one!!!!! Ginaonedayoldkitten-RIPw:gina6:27:15

Shelter, Neuter, and Release

I just want to clarify the two postings about the cats who we strongly believe were part of the Macomb County Animal Control shelter, neuter, release program adopted by St. Clair Shores when the City decided to contract with the County. I mentioned this NOT to disparage the shelter. Prior to Chief Randazzo’s new policy and attempt to be a NO Kill shelter, these two cats would probably have wound up euthanized. As many of us know, cats are the most euthanized in shelters. Now because of the SNR program, the cats were fixed, vaccinated, and returned where they were found. One lucky guy found his forever home and, hopefully, the other will find a foster/rescue who will help him find a forever home. ~ diana

The Cats of Summer – 2015

6/27/15 – Another sweet cat who appears to have gone through the Macomb County Animal Control SNR (shelter, neuter, release) program has turned up at another home in St. Clair Shores. This sweetie showed up on the porch. The rescuer took him in for the night because of the fireworks but she has her limit of cats and dogs. Cheryl thinks he is a male, the ear is tipped, so we are assuming cherylklos-stray6:27:15fixed and vaccinated. Although he seemed a little afraid because of all of the noise, he is a Mr. Purrs A Lot. If anyone can take him in, please contact Cheryl at [email protected] ~ diana

Be Aware of Dangerous Items

There are several dangerous items that can be fatal to your pet if ingested or exposed to. Please take a look at this list of household toxins and protect your cat and dog. This information could save your animals life. You have to download the link but it’s well worth it. Gina


Another one of my favorite links is this 101 things you didn’t know could harm your pet..

Sherlock – Walked Through a Doggie Door and Found His Forever Family

6/27/15 – I was contacted by Joani and Patterson Veterinary about this little guy who somehow found his way into the doggie door of Joani’s home. His ear was tipped and he was neutered. It turns out that Sherlock was one of the cats taken in by the Macomb County Animal Control SNR (shelter, neuter, return) program. Sherlock obviously had a home at one time because he is very sweet and enjoys being in the house. Thankfully he has wormed his way into the hearts of the grandchildren and the fur children and will have a forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is once again very thankful that we can provide the medical care that will open sherlock6:27:15the doors for a forever home. I love his stance. ~ diana