April – Soon to be a Mother

This poor baby is so scared but she is safe, her babies will be rescued, and she will never have another litter. We believe she has had multiple litters. Please take Dee’s words to heart and help educate. We might not always be able to help personally but we will do everything in our power to help find a solution. ~ diana

“Here’s April – our new unexpected house guest for the next few months. Why??? Because irresponsible people did not TNR their cat colony. We trapped this kitty and the vet said she was full term so Debra Berolatti (TNR extraordinair!) most graciously picked her back up and delivered back to us.. Ask for help if you can’t TNR yourself….please I beg you, and so does April Ma’June (her full name) – Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for vetting April….she at least received worm treatment and was tested for Feline Leukemia (NEGATIVE!!) We will be trying to socialize this poor scared girl.
TNR works if you do it!!! ~ Dee”Aprilw:deegudenau5:3:15

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