Kittens – Left to Fend For Themselves

5/6/15 – We are in full blown kitten and ‘cat dumping’ season. Why do people think it is ok to throw out their cats when they no longer want them or can care for them. Domesticated cats cannot fend for themselves as feral cats are able to do. Also, we’ve made this plea several times, please be a part of the solution. Do whatever you can to support spay/neuter. Whether it is donating funds to groups who pay for spaying/neutering, helping with trap/neuter/return efforts, supplying traps, fostering, helping your neighbor who may not be able to afford the expense, or just educate as to the importance. One female cat can reproduce as early as 4 months old and can have litters of an average of 3 to 7 kittens THREE times a year. You don’t have to know high level math to understand why, once again, these poor innocents are exploding at the seams. Here are seven kittens born to a feral mom. The feral mom and the kittens are safe in a foster home and the very feral mom will be released after she is finished nursing and has been spayed. In the mean time look at the condition of these poor babies, each one of them have upper respiratory infections that 4 Paws 1 Heart is taking care of. Please help those who can’t help themselves. ~ diana11053663_948990595133239_1121986987969502562_n10995273_948990018466630_1193629372898451930_n1610920_948989908466641_956855146945483465_n11200890_948990335133265_6040859644456184162_n11204978_948989491800016_4037235953054637838_n 11188191_948990465133252_7538935045695279031_n10421953_948990215133277_6031842827298927608_n

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