Molly and McGee

5/8/15 – Update on the pregnant cat and male cat removed from the shelter earlier this week. Many of our friends saw the “Call Out For Help” posting last night in that the people who had taken in the cats were no longer able to keep them and there was a possibility of them being returned to a shelter. This morning while I was reviewing our page, I noticed that the posting was duplicated so I deleted one of them. Much to my surprise and angst, both postings were then deleted. Fortunately, Patricia B. stepped up to the plate as soon as she heard about the situation and my wonderful husband made an emergency delivery of a crate, blankets, towels, and a little food to help with another shelter survivor she took in. The two sweeties are safe and decompressing in their own room now. And, although Patricia is in for the long haul, if anyone has a quiet environment and would like to foster future rescued cats/kittens.┬áplease contact me at I will say that because Patricia has helped so much since the protests against the Shelby Township, Michigan shelter began, offers to foster are still very welcome. I just want to thank everyone who has offered to help. I did respond to the comments where appropriate before I noticed the duplication. If you did not see my comment and want to help somehow, please contact me at

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