Molly – Once Pregnant in a High Kill Shelter Living in the Kill Room For Weeks


5/12/15 – Update on Molly from her foster mom, Jennell. ~ diana

“! Molly is drinking water on her own! Yea! Went in for our usual meal time this morning, let Molly out of her crate, and found I had to clean her litter box again, that made me feel good. As I was preparing to feed her I looked over at Molly and she was at the water dish sucking up tons of water, ok, maybe tablespoons but for her to just want to drink on her own made my whole day. Still working on the food issue but once we crossed the water hurdle, I’m hoping the food issue will also resolve itself. She is so loving and she gets plenty of love and kisses. It’s cool today so continuing with the water bottle to keep her extra warm. ~ Jennell”


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