Kitten Explosion – Update

5/12/15 – Good Morning Happy Update! Here is a report from our team foster mom, Jennell,  the 7 kittens born to a mom recently rescued. Check out their posting/ story (kitten explosion) kittenexplosion-jennell5:12:15 kittenexplosionw::jennell5:12:15 kittenexplosionw:jenell:::5:12:15 kittenexplosionw:jennell::::5:12:15 kittenexplosionw:jennell5:12:15 kittenexplosionw:jennellf5:12:15 kittenexplosionw:jennellfoster5:12:15 from last week~ diana

“To: 4 Paws 1 Heart & Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart. This is the baby that his skin & hair covered his eye. Look at him or her now. Thank you Gina & 4 Paws for helping our babies. I’m posting all 7 so you can see how good they are looking. I took them to Urgent care on Tuesday the 5th, this baby weighed 8.5 ozs. on the 10th,he/she weighs 2.3 PDS. Pictures of the rest will follow. ~ Jennell”

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