Dusty – Born With a Deformed Leg

6/28/15 – Meet Dusty. He is one of 3 kittens found in very poor conditions. Jennell F. (foster mom for Molly and McGee) called me because one of the little ones was missing part of his leg. She had no idea what had happened or the actual condition but asked if we could take Dusty under our medical wing if she took him in. We agreed. Dusty was taken to one of our partner vets and the good news is that with the exception of needing an enema, Dusty is in pretty good health. His leg is actually a birth defect but nothing that will stop him from being a loving, active little kitty. Anyone interested in adopting Dusty when he is ready, should contact jennellfoster93@yahoo.com – dianadusty6:27:15

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