Molly and McGee – Joined at the Hip

6/11/15 – Molly and McGee have become inseparable. We have no idea when they came together — we only know that they spent a number of weeks in the same cage at the Humane Society of Macomb, waiting to be euthanized. Molly lost nine babies and after having a few medical issues associated with her lack of care, she tested positive for leukemia. We thought we would have to humanely euthanize Molly if we couldn’t find a place for her to go but guess what?? A wonderful caring family, very familiar with the disease and caring for rescue cats have stepped up and they may be taking both Molly and McGee. They have no other cats and are hoping they can give Molly a great life in her final years. We will also be re-testing Molly in 30 days in that there might be some issues as to when she might have been exposed to the virus. The family will be meeting Molly and McGee on Saturday. Please cross all paws and say a little prayer. Thanks! ~ dianamolly:mcgee6:11:15

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