Sophia – Thrown Out of a Moving Truck on I-75, Michigan

6/6/15 – Meet Sophia and her new sibling Spot. Sophia was thrown out of a red truck on I-75 in Michigan. Fortunately for Sophia, a kind and observant young man saw the horrific action and rescued her. He then contacted a former teacher who contacted us. It just so happened that the teacher had recently rescued a cat from the street (Spot), so we offered to spay and neuter both cats as well las make sure they are healthy and vaccinated. I can’t grasp the level of cruelty it must take to throw a living creature out of a moving vehicle onto a highly-traveled highway. May the person/s who did that rot in hell – sooner than later. A huge thank you to the young man and to the teacher, Suki, who has decided to keep both Sophia and Spot. ~ dianasophia6:6:15sophiaw:sukivandermass6:4:15

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