The Baseball 8 – Left in the Back of a Truck During a Baseball Game

6/10/15 – So last night, close to midnight, I got an urgent text. Eight 1 day old kittens were at Wilson Veterinary and they needed someone to pay for their medical. I had no idea what was going on but I called Wilson’s and ok’d it. This morning I saw this is what started the flurry of trying to save 8 little lives. Our friend Michelle from A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue posted this to our volunteers page:

“URGENT! Just got a call. My neighbor is at a softball game and her teammate went to his truck and there was a box dumped in the back with day old kittens. Looks like the umbilical cord is still attached……”

The wonderful group of people on our closed group page jumped into action, got the kittens to Wilson’s to have the umbilical cords removed and then got all eight of them into the loving hands of our friend Tami who is now missing hours of sleep while she bottle feeds them around the clock. So often we focus on the monsters like the person who dumped these babies into the back of a truck and probably stole them from their mom. But, then we have to focus on all of the caring, wonderful people who come together because they share a passion for life. Thank You to everyone who made this happen. Here are the babies, now known as the Baseball 8 ~ diana

baseball8---6:10:15baseball8 baseball86:10:15

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