Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) Kittens

11/5/15 – I think it would be safe to say that without 4 Paws 1 Heart funding the medical treatment and Rachel Gerstner’s strong belief that these babies could have a good quality of life in the right homes, all of these kittens would have either been humanely euthanized, or worse, died a horrible death on the streets. Don’t you just love this photo! ~ diana

“Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you all an update on the litter of CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) kittens. All 4 are happy and healthy in their new forever homes!!!! The 3 babies that have CH went to homes that are experienced with the condition & are knowledgeable with how to properly care for them! Yay!!!! The severe little girl (previously named Hunter but they changed it to Darla) is our most recent foster failure… Shelly, who fostered all 4 & nursed them back to health, fell madly in love with her & just couldn’t bear to let her go! I’m so happy about this because she’s going to give her the best home with the most love possible!! Here’s a few recent pictures of her smile emoticon (she’s the tortie) There is also a couple pics of Malcolm (orange & white) who is super loved & adored & growing so much! He’s already over 4.5 lbs! There’s also one pic of all 4 before they were adopted. All 4 should be ready to be fixed soon & I’ll be setting up those appointments soon! I love these happy endings!!! – Rachel”rachelgerstnerkitten11:4:15

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