Harper – He May Lose His Eye

11/9/15 – Please Pray for Harper. He was rescued on Harper near I-94 overpass in southeast Michigan. He has a very serious upper respiratory infection and was seen by a veterinarian last week. Because he wasn’t eating or drinking he was taken into an emergency on Saturday and is still hospitalized under the watchful eye of Gina and the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Centerharper11:9:15w:erikaharper---w:erika11:9:15Harperw:erica diola 11:5:15 Harperw:ericadiola 11:6:15

Phantom, Sylvester, Felix, Oddball, and Pope – Rescued from the Streets

11/8/15 – Introducing Phantom, Sylvester, Felix, Oddball, and Pope. Five more innocents who will not be left to die in the streets. All of these young babies were rescued without a mom. 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken care of their medical needs which include the usual vetting and treatment for URI. They are still young and and not ready for adoption just yet but anyone interested in the future may contact Krissy at [email protected]. ~ dianaphantomw:krissydillon11:7:15sylvesterw:krissydillon11:7:15felixw:krissydillon11:7:15oddballw:krissydillon11:7:15popew:krissydillon11:7:15

RIP – Romeo II

11/8/15 – RIP Sweet Romeo the II. A couple of days ago I received the following from a caring individual:

” I live in a Condo in Shelby Twp. and been feeding a poor stray cat for about 3 years now. Yesterday I was able to get close and pet him. (But I also received a letter from the Condo association telling me to stop feeding him or I will be fined. ) I cannot bare to watch a poor cat starve to death.. I am going to try to catch him and take him. He is a beautiful White cat with some spots…I have two cats inside and I would take him in but afraid my cats will get a disease from him. I want to help this guy survive
and maybe be adopted by someone.”

We agreed to have Romeo II seen by the veterinary but it was bad news. The poor little guy was already in the throes of full blown Leukemia and had been wasting away. It was decided to humanely euthanasia him. I truly thank God for our generous supporters who give us the ability to help animals like Romeo II so they will not suffer and die alone on the street. ~ dianaromeoIIw:

Romeo – He Lost His Loving Owner and Now Needs His Forever Family

11/6/15 – A message from Romeo. ~ diana

Hello everybody, Im Romeo…Chances foster brother. In case you missed Chances story about me I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I had a really great mom, but she passed away and I was there trying to wake her up for 10 days before anybody came. When the police and firemen came I got soooo scared I squeezed through a hole behind the cupboard and nobody even knew I was there! But then 2wks later people cleaning the place figured out I was in there. The very kind hearted apartment manager called 4 Paws 1 Heart and they sent my foster mom & Debra to come see about me. Well it took 2 days, electric & handsaws and a very nice man helping to get me out of that hole. I was sooo scared, traumatized and emaciated from not having food or water for all that time. And losing my mom, everything in my house had been removed and now strangers were taking me away. I was ready to just give up frown emoticon. But turns out everybody was trying to help me! Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, I was admitted into the emergency hospital and they took such good care of me and my foster mom says shes pretty sure I used up at least 3 of my 9 lives. Athough nobody was sure I would make it, I did!!! Now Im at my foster moms house and getting tons of love from Chance and all the animals and humans that live here. Im eating good now and slowly starting to put my weight back on and ready to find my own home where I will be loved and treasured always. I do well with friendly cats and even like the dog that lives here, so a small friendly dog might be ok. It was just me and my mom before, so no kids please. Im 7yrs old, neutered, utd on my shots and front declawed. Im a very large boy with really long hair and I love to be brushed. So if you are interested in giving me a loving, indoor only home please leave a message on Chances page or you can email my foster mom at [email protected]. And could you please share me with all your friends? Im located in Macomb County, Michigan. Thanks, Romeo I’ll be right here waiting for you!”romeo11:4:15

Mocha – More Love in a Foster Home

11/5/15 – Good News for your Lunch Time pleasure. Our little baby, Mocha, has found her forever family!!!! The family has been a long-time follower and supporter of 4p1h and we couldn’t be happier. For those that didn’t see his story he came in with his penis bleeding and stuck out for over 24 hours, dehydrated, low protein, anemic, flea infested, regurgitating, diarrhea, and severe motility issues. He’s been hospitalized under 4 paws 1 heart ever since November 1 and had exploratory surgery a couple of nights after he was brought in. The doctors/staff at Animal Urgent Care had provided around the clock care to this little guy.

Good Luck, Sweet Mocha! Hopefully, mom will send us updated photos. ~ diana

Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) Kittens

11/5/15 – I think it would be safe to say that without 4 Paws 1 Heart funding the medical treatment and Rachel Gerstner’s strong belief that these babies could have a good quality of life in the right homes, all of these kittens would have either been humanely euthanized, or worse, died a horrible death on the streets. Don’t you just love this photo! ~ diana

“Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you all an update on the litter of CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) kittens. All 4 are happy and healthy in their new forever homes!!!! The 3 babies that have CH went to homes that are experienced with the condition & are knowledgeable with how to properly care for them! Yay!!!! The severe little girl (previously named Hunter but they changed it to Darla) is our most recent foster failure… Shelly, who fostered all 4 & nursed them back to health, fell madly in love with her & just couldn’t bear to let her go! I’m so happy about this because she’s going to give her the best home with the most love possible!! Here’s a few recent pictures of her smile emoticon (she’s the tortie) There is also a couple pics of Malcolm (orange & white) who is super loved & adored & growing so much! He’s already over 4.5 lbs! There’s also one pic of all 4 before they were adopted. All 4 should be ready to be fixed soon & I’ll be setting up those appointments soon! I love these happy endings!!! – Rachel”rachelgerstnerkitten11:4:15