10/20/15 – I know that we all love happy beginnings and this is certainly one of them. This is Malcolm. He was rescued with his 3 siblings by an ‘independent rescuer’ who has contacted us in the past with other rescues. 3 of Malcolm’s siblings had varylng levels
of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which is a non-progressive and non-contagious neurological condition which results in walking and balance problems. The cerebellum, which controls the fine motor skills and coordination is underdeveloped at birth. Malcolm was the only kitten in the litter totally unaffected. Here is an update from Malcolm’s mom. (P.S. The other three kittens are all with fosters familiar and experienced with the CH condition). ~ diana

“I adopted Malcolm almost three weeks ago. He’s such a wonderful little kitten. Thank you and your team for taking the time to get him healthy. Rachel is the one who brought him to me. He and my two year old female became best buds very fast. Just wanted to give you an update on him with a new pic. – Brittany Ann”malcolm10:20:15malcilm-`- 10:20:15malcolmw:bff10:20:15

Binx and Cinderella – Left Behind by Their Owners

10/11/15 – Meet Binx (black cat) and Cinderella. We received a call from a caring couple who rescued two cats dumped by their owners when they moved. Cinderella is about 7 years old was infested with fleas and had several bald spots from biting herself; she also had an upper respiratory infection. She is front paws declawed and was spayed. Binx is in pretty good health but wasn’t neutered. The wonderful couple will be keeping Cinderella and she has already made friends with the resident cat. Binx will be neutered and the couple will work to find him a home (with our help). 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to help individuals who do not turn their backs on animals who have been abandoned and abused. Binx will be neutered Monday and he will have his information available on the Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart page and the adoption websites we work with. ~ dianabinx10:11:15cinderella10:11:15

Billy – We Now Know That His Real Name is Romeo and He Was Much Loved and Cared For

billy aka romeo10:24:1510/24/15 – An update on Billy (now known as Romeo). This is the beautiful boy who was stuck in a hole behind a sink. His mom had died but wasn’t found for 10 days. When the fire department showed up, he got scared and jumped in a hole where he got stuck and remained unseen for over 2 weeks. He’s been through a lot but thank God the kind apartment manager contacted us to tell his story and thank God we have friends like Debra Berolatti and Denise Najera. He is in good hands now but will eventually need a forever, purrfect home.
A report from Chance:  “Good morning & Happy Saturday!!! Sooo, we have an update on Billy. Auntie Gina checked on his microchip and guess what? Billys real name is Romeo!!!!! Romeo is 7yrs old and his mom kept him up to date on all his vaccines which is great news. And Romeo is going to get to come home today!!!!! We are so happy hes doing so much better!!!! We will know more when we pick him up this afternoon. One thing we do know, after all the heartbreak this boy has been through we will be looking for a very special forever home for him where he will be loved & cherished But for now we are just soooo excited to bring Romeo home and shower him with love & attention. Thankyou Auntie Gina DeLuca &4 Paws 1 Heart for all you have done for Romeo Billy! Have a great day everybody! Love & purrrs, Chance Super Hero in charge of Foster Love ♥”


Sommerset – Now Named Sophia — In Her Furever Home

10/24/15 – sommerset10:24:15Sommerset aka Sophie!!!! Update! Hello everyone! I’m doing awesome and I have the best mummy (Venus) and daddy (Jeff) takin care of me! I was rescued from the bushes in front of a pet store 3 Months ago. I weighed 1# and today I weigh 18#!!!! WOW!!! Now I have A home with my doggie friends…a very loving family….AND cute outfits! I’m wearing one of them! smile emoticonI mighta had a rough start in life BUT look at me now! I’m Happy and Healthy thanks to all of YOU who support “4 PAWS 1 HEART” and our mission….. I Am Here Because of YOU. ♡♡♡♡♡

Billy (Romeo) – Update

10/22/15 – An update on Billy — the handsome cat whose owner died but was not found for 10 days. Unfortunately, Billy was trapped in a hole behind the sink for another couple of weeks before he was rescued by Denise and Debra. ~ diana

“Billy is still in the hospital. He’s on IV fluids, IV antibiotics & IV pain meds. He’s received an injection for vomiting and had x-rays and blood work. His liver enzymes are still elevated, one went down but one went up. Blood work shows he is now becoming anemic and they are trying to find out why. He’s still not showing any interest in food.. Gina did find a microchip that was never registered but did list a hospital so she will contact them today and hopefully they will have some medical history on Billy. He’s in the best possible hands, so we wait. Please keep Billy in your prayers Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking Billy under your wing, and Gina DeLuca and all the great Drs at Animal Urgent & Critical Care Center, PC for all the great care your giving Billy. ~ Denise”Billy10:20:15

RIP – Sweet Lucy

10/22/15 – RIP Sweet Lucy. It was almost a year ago we were contacted about Lucy. She was on the street and some piece of garbage kicked her so hard she had to have her arm amputated. Unfortunately, we were recently contacted again because something was wrong with Lucy. She was dragging her back legs and was very lethargic. We really don’t know what happened but somehow she was injured and after seeing two different veterinarians, she was humanely euthanized. It breaks our hearts when we can’t do more for these animals who depend on us. ~ diana

Lucy 10:22:15

Biggy – Left Behind and Locked in House

10/21/15 – Meet Biggy (or Big Boy). He was locked in a house in southwest Detroit for over a month. There has been a lady giving him what scraps she could as she was homeless herself. An individual rescuer, who we have helped before, went into the abandoned house around 1:00 am in the morning to see the dog and rescued him. He was thin and dirty but very sweet; even after being what he has been through. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we can be there for Biggy and get him neutered, vaccinated, de-flead, and ready for a forever home. Anyone interested in this handsome boy should contact Rita at [email protected].Biggyw:Rita Miles

Billy (Romeo) – Foster Brother Chance Gives an Update

10/19/15 – billy10:19:15::Good morning Team Chance! Soooo, this is my new foster brother Billy. His story is soooo sad. 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted by a kind apartment manager about a kitty left behind when its owner died. Well, left behind is putting it mildly. Nobody knew Billys elderly mom died for 10 days! And nobody discovered there was a cat in there for another 2wks after that!!!!! So for 3 1/2wks poor Billy went with no food or water and had gotten himself stuck in a hole behind a cupboard. Mom & Auntie Debra Berolatti tried for 2 days to catch Billy. On the 2nd day, yesterday, mom and Auntie Debra went with saws, tools and supplies. If Billy was alive in there, they were not leaving without him. After much cutting with both hand & electric saws and a very nice man named Bill helping, Billy was rescued from the hole and was named after the man that helped. Auntie Debra took Billy to see Gina at the vet hospital. Billy is at least 5yrs, front declawed & neutered. He has a very sore back & sore front paw, we think from struggling to get out of that little hole. His liver enzymes are elevated likely from lack of food and he recieved a pain shot & fluids. He is very thin & very traumatized. He is at our house now to rest, decompress, get some good food in his tummy, and heal both his body and his spirit. Im gonna do my very best to cheer him up and let him know hes safe and everything will be ok now Thankyou Linda Lucido, Bill, Auntie Diana Rascano, Auntie Debra, Auntie Gina DeLuca, and 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving Billy! It really took a village to save this baby Billy will be looking for a loving home after hes had time to decompress, gain some weight, and heal his beautiful broken heart Have a great Monday everyone, Love Chance.

Billy (Romeo) – His Owner Was Dead in the Home for 10 Days and No One Knew About Him

10/19/15 – Roseville, MI – We don’t know much about her or him. What we do know is that I received an e-mail from a caring apartment manager. She told me that there was a cat left in an apartment when the 70+ owner died. It turns out that this woman was dead for 10 days in her home with this baby before anyone discovered her. And, even then, no one saved the cat. The apartment manager had no idea until a work crew was in the apartment making repairs and when they opened a cabinet the cat flew out — this was 2 WEEKS after the woman’s body was found!! When the manager contacted us she said that a cat was stuck in a hole under a sink and although she put out food and water, the cat wasn’t eating. Again, what do you do???? We are not a rescue!! But could anyone leave this poor cat in the condition it was in? I contacted Chance’s mom, Denise, and our best trapper in the world, Debra Berolotti. They contacted the manager and checked out the situation. It appeared the poor cat was stuck. With some tools borrowed from the maintenance people and our other ‘village’ friend, Kurt, the hole was made bigger and Debra was able to get her/him out of the hole. He/She is very frightened and thin; the paw appears to be injured. We have no idea how old he/she is but Debra has dropped this baby off to be seen at the emergency. What a horrible experience for this sweetheart to go through. NOW what we need is for someone to give her a forever home. After Gina sees this baby we will provide more information and then I hope that one of our many friends will choose to give her/him a loving home. More to come later. ~ dianabilly 10:19:15