Christian Grey is Now with Misfit Angels Rescue

1/29/16 – christiangrey 1:16:16Our good friends at Misfit Angels Dog Rescue have taken Christian under their wing. They will be finding him a forever home where he will be loved and never live in fear again. Before we took him into our organization he was living in a garage, eating out of a foil tray, freezing, never loved or held, and zero confidence. He was dying of pneumonia, his teeth were covered in a metallic material from chewing on foil, and he had a screw in his stomach. We covered his medical care and got him back to health. A wonderful technician, Lianna, is fostering Christian until the rescue places him in a permanent home. She is helping him in every way to build his confidence and show him unconditional love which he never knew existed.. Christian was saved by our doctor, Maria Rivera, and we will all remember him as he takes the next step into his journey. The family that adopts him is going to be blessed with a wonderful puppy. This is his 2nd chanceā™” Gin

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