One-Eyed Jack – Found Alone With One Eye Missing – Finds His Forever Family

unnamed1/12/16 – Last week we received the following message. Of course when it comes to helping an animal become a loving family member and making sure they don’t contribute to overpopulation, we are there!! This little one-eyed guy (Jack) will never have to fight for food and shelter again. Today, he will be seen by a veterinarian, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ diana

“Hi 4 paws, love you all for what you do!! I have come upon a situation with a cat that was dumped off by a local woman’s home. She has to find a home for this guy, he appears healthy, but has only 1 eye and has never been to a vet. People have been dumping animals by her because she takes them in, she currently has more than she can handle and can’t keep him. I would love to foster him or even keep him, but don’t want to bring him into our home as we have 2 cats that I wouldn’t want to expose to the unknown, worms, fiv ,felv etc.. And he was dumped so most likely he has never had shots. Would 4 paws be able to help? I would hate for him to be put out as she is on overload herself. Thank you and I’m including his picture so you can see that it is love at first sight”

Butch – A very sweet Rottweiler Hit By A Car

1/11/16 – Positive thoughts and donations are needed for this handsome Rottie that was hit by a car on Saturday night. He was transported to a hospital for orthopedic surgery to repair the 3 fractures in his front left leg. Unfortunately, we will not be getting a rescue discount from this vet, but this is our mission….giving animals a 2nd chance. Dr. Graves is the one who stepped up to help this boy, and she will be fostering him until permanent placement is found. His bill is $1500.00 and if you would like to make a donation towards his care we would appreciate it. Thank you, Gina.  **rottie 1:11:16rottie's broken leg 1:11:16Donations can be made on this website or by mail at P.O. Box 84. St.Clair Shores, MI  48080.

Karma – Now With our Rescue Friends, Tigerlily Cat Rescue

1/11/16 – Karma Update — The first doctor he was taken to recommended his eye be removed. After getting other opinions, it was determined that Karma has herpes of the eye and would just require eye drops on a regular basis — very similar to one of our earlier loves, Snickers. Our 4p1h friend, Andrea Hoyumpa, who is with Tigerlily, offered to take him in and look at how good he is doing. ~ diana


Bruno – Update

1/11/16 – bruno (1) 1:11:16bruno (2) 1:11:16bruno (3) 1:11:16Bruno Update: Early Saturday morning this baby scared me to death because he vomited several times and became weak. I took him to the Animal Urgent care where radiographs were done which showed a large amount of gas and his intestinal area was very dialated. We started an IV medication to help stop the vomiting and some fluids. He responded fairly well to that. I went back 4 hours later to repeat an x ray and the gas was moving which was a good sign. Throughout the night Bruno had terrible smelling greenish sticky diarrhea. He ate a tiny amount, but still weak and definitely not the Bruno I know. My gut told me to get more aggressive because time is not on your side when a one month old puppy is sick..they fade incredibly fast… This morning I headed back to the hospital for more aggressive treatment. Now this little guy is back to himself with no vomiting and acceptable looking poop. I’m confident he is going to be fine smile emoticon Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts♡ Gina

Leonidas – A Surprise Gift Gone Wrong

leonidas1:10:161/10/15 – Happy Update. In November, 2015 we received the following from a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are happy to report that today, Leonitas, is in his forever home and his owner reported that “Leonitas is his best friend”. ~ diana

“I wanted to ask if you would be able to help with Leonidas. I got him yesterday from a pregnant lady who was pregnant with twins. Her fiancé brought him home as a surprise. He has horrible diarrhea, is extremely skinny. She dewormed him 3 times and gave him a lot of baths. His skin is really dry (potentially from too much bathing). He was bought at 5 weeks old from a filthy situation; said to be old English bull dog pit mix (maybe American bull dog pit mix). The female who received the “gift” is 5 months pregnant with twins and is not in a place for a puppy. He was good with kids, cats, and her other dog. But she cannot give him proper care or do proper vetting as she and her fiancé work 10-13 hour days and don’t have time. He will be adoptable as soon as he puts on weight and can be vetted.-Missy”

Trap/Neuter/Release – Providing Food and Shelter and Homes

1/9/16 – Our good friend, Charlotte, has continued her efforts to stop the over population of cats by doing trap/neuter/release at various industrial sites as well as residential complexes. When she catches a domesticated cat or a kitten, she will find someone to foster them and the foster will work to find a forever home. These are some of the many cats/kittens we have helped with neutering/spaying, vaccinating, and treating for upper respiratory infections, fleas, worms, and the list goes on. As you can see, many of them are black cats who face an increased amount of danger on the streets. If you are looking to make a difference, consider fostering for a rescue group, donating food/supplies, donating money to your local groups like 4 Paws 1 Heart or the rescue groups we work with, or volunteer your time at a shelter like the Catfe in Ferndale, Almost Home in Southfield, New Beginnings in Royal Oak, Animal Adoption Society in Madison Heights, or check out the shelters in your area. Donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart can be made through paypal on this page or on our website, 4 paws 1, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. ~ We can all make a difference. ~ dianacharlotte rescues - 2  1:9:16Charlotte rescues (3)  1:9:16charlotterescues1:9:16

Kittens – Rescued from the Cold Streets of Southeast Michigan

4 Paws 1 Heart is all about transparency so I’m ‘fessing up’ right now. I have a huge love for tuxedo kitties and all black kitties. Look at these beauties. I can’t express how gratifying it is to get so many babies off the mean, frigid streets. Thank You, Leese, for rescuing them. And, thank you to our many supporters for providing the funds to make this happen. ~ diana

“We just wanna say Thank YOU to Diana and 4 PAWS 1 Heart for
taking care of our Vet Visit yesterday…. being treated for worms and fleas….otherwise Very Healthy. catsw:leese 1:8:16Leese”

Jack Frost – Recovered From the Parvo Virus – Now in His New Foster Home

We love working with our great rescue partners!! Thank You Dog Aide for helping us with Jack. ~ diana

“So much cuteness!! Jack Frost was rescued before Christmas and is doing really well in his foster home.

Little Jack was treated for Parvo by 4Paws 1Heart, once he was stable Dog Aide took on his after care and placed him with a foster, he has made a full recovery. Looking at the sweet face —  makes our hearts happy!!”jack Frost1:8:16