Kittens – Saved From the Streets and Poisoning from Neighbors

1/6/16 – As winter was about to settle in, we received the following e-mail: diana

“Hello! I have a lawn care company and one of my customer’s neighbors decided she didn’t want her 2 cats anymore (about a year old) and kicked them out of the house. Another neighbor of hers has been poisoning feral kittens in the area so I decided to foster (maybe adopt) these cats. I was wondering if you offer any kind of assistance. They are very nice, friendly cats and I would like to make sure they stay healthy! – Jamie”

We were happy to get these babies out of danger. I continue to be sickened by the cruelty of alleged humans. It has been my experience over the past five years that cats see the worst of it. Thank you to every person, like Jamie, who refuses to turn their back. As long as we have the funds, we will always be there for you.

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