Working Together to Save A Dog From Certain Death

1/12/16 – This very sweet girl was locked up for over 5 months at the veterinary facility that Eastpointe, MI and Roseville, MI contracts with for their ‘animal control’. Sterling Heights, MI had contracted with them also but I’m not sure of what that City is doing today. The fact that the facility charges between $150 – $210 for a rescue to pull the animals might have something to do with why animals are in a cage for so long. And though you would think their charges are based on their medical expenses, I’ve been advised that many of the animal’s basic medical needs are not taken care of. Our good friend of Hopeful Heart Rescue brought the situation to our attention and our other good friends at Bully’s Angels jumped in and rescued this sweet girl. We are happy to send medical dollars to assist Bully’s Angels as they attempt to rescue a couple of other long-term animals. Anyone interested in this sweetheart, should contact Bully’s Angels. ~ dianaBully's Angels

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