Bootsie and Cutie – Living a Life in the Cruel Outdoors – Now Forever Saved

1/13/16 – Meet Bootsie and Cutie. Kathy B. had contacted us originally about a ‘feral’ cat, Cutie, and then about a ‘feral’ cat (Bootsie) with an injured leg. She needed help in catching the little guy. Well, it took a little while but Bootsie was finally caught and, like so many, he isn’t really feral — just another dumped or lost animal who has had to fend for himself. Bootsie was taken to the vet who found that his leg injury was an old one that couldn’t be addressed but otherwise Bootsie is healthy. In the process of capturing Bootsie, another kitten was found, Fluffy, and now she has been taken to the vet. We will be getting more information and a photo on Fluffy.~ diana

“Diana, I just want to thank you and your Team and the Partners that take care of the needs of all our loving furry friends.
I have never been more excited to help rescue and make a difference in our fur babies lives!! Cutie was the first kitten I rescued and she is happy and healthy in a home where she is treated like a princess. Bootsie is the second rescue and she’s very gentle and loving. She will be living with me and my family. I’m making great progress socializing her. The third rescue I call Fluffy and we will try to socialize her as well after she has been spayed. Fingers crossed that she can also have a furever home!!
Thank you again
Kathy”bootsie1:13:16cutie 1:13:16

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