Cupid – Fighting For His Life – Update

Cupid w:Angel 2:11:16

Cupid Being Watched Over By Gina’s Angel

2/11/16  – cupid2:11:16cupid++2:11:16cupid===2:11:16Cupid Update, This sweet little soul was given a nice warm bath last night, and as you can see he needed help standing. The good news is Cupid is actually walking slowly on his own today! His blood work had improvements and he is a little lover. ♡ All he really wants is love♡ Gina

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One thought on “Cupid – Fighting For His Life – Update

  1. Cupid, I’m praying for you everyday! Thank you Gina for caring for Cupid. You and the staff at 4 Paws One Heart is truly God sent.

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