Fundraisers – 2016

2/11/16 – In just the last two weeks, 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for 30 cats and two dogs, rescued from the streets, to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested. This does not include the two cases Gina just took on and some of the more extensive cases such as the two eye removals that will be coming up, as well as the continuing care of Carlos.

But, we can only do as much as we have funds to cover. Therefore, we are all working hard to raise money — either through individual donations or through fundraisers. Mark you calendars for our upcoming events and we truly hope that you can attend at least one of them. Our fundraisers are all about fun and saving the abandoned and abused. Also, don’t forget about our limited edition of 4 Paws 1 Heart Socks campaign running now through February 15. Thanks for your continued support! ~ diana60's revolutionpainting w:a twistbowling may 21, 2016 save the date

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2 thoughts on “Fundraisers – 2016

  1. I am very interested in adopting Cupid, I have a fenced yard and I would give him the best loving home that he deserves. I love small dogs and I want him to love and make him part of my family. Where do I fill out a application for him. I was referred by Kelly Tanner who adopted Romeo the 7 year old cat that was left alone while the own was deceased in the home for 4 weeks.

    • Todd, I’m so sorry that I have failed to see messages on our website. We love the updates on sweet Romeo. Cupid had already found his forever home but I was wondering if you’ve seen Cookie, a little Chihuahua mix that Gina has been fostering. She is not a puppy but she is very loving. Check out her story on this page. ~ diana

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