Bruce Needs A Forever Home

3/4/16 – Please share and let’s get this very sweet 10 year old boy a permanent home. He was rescued from the middle of the road by Katie Schuman. She contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart and we paid for his medical treatment. Please contact Katie at: Here is his story:
“Bruce is the most appreciative senior cat I’ve ever been around.
We rescued him a few months ago while he was in the middle of the road begging to get hit by a car. Under six pounds and at an estimated age of 10, he was severely emaciated, flee infested, and extremely dehydrated. We have had our shares of emergency trips to the hospital!
I have gotten his weight up and stable. He has a heart murmur and a condition called megacolon from chronic constipation. I found this dosent really effect him. He also is missing a top canine tooth. This dosent phase him as he loves food and his water. (Water especially)
Unfortunatly, I can no longer foster Bruce and need to find him a loving family.
He keeps to himself the majority of the time and tolerates my small dog. My kitten likes to play and tease. He wasn’t so crazy about that idea. I can only imagine the battles he has gone through with other animals. He has NEVER thrashed out or showed any signs of aggression. He is neutered and declawed in the front. I have a nice litter box to go with him and any food that is left over.
He is the sweetest little guy and needs lots of love. Katie”
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