Ms. Sasha Banks – Her Owners Threw Her Out Because She Was Pregnant

Babies having babies. Can you believe the owner was throwing her out because she was pregnant? And whose fault was that? Thank God for all of the caring people who got involved. Had they not, these precious little lives would have been born on the street.  Here is an update from the new foster mom:

“Good news everyone!! The poor VERY pregnant cat in Flint, who got booted simply because they didn’t feel like dealing with it, had her babies early this morning. At first I thought they were all black, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There are 4 total (I’ll check their gender and give an update later) 1 black, 1 tiger, 1 black and tan and a black and white one (like mom). So start thinking about who you want, including this very special, very friendly mama (Sasha Banks). Special thank you to 4P1H for medical services. Special shout out to everyone involved in this rescue. Jo Sweeney AddingtonCharlotte Yakima Roberta Kretz Diana Rascanoupdates to follow on both litters. Any questions, please email me.”Flint-w:heathersterner4:26:16

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3 comments on “Ms. Sasha Banks – Her Owners Threw Her Out Because She Was Pregnant

  1. Are these kitties available? Our family of four is looking to give two kitties and good home! We have been looking for short-haired black or black/gray…… I was given your information from Cindy – my dental hygienist in Grand Blanc, MI. Thanks!

    • Gwyn, I’m sorry I did not see this message earlier. I hope by this time you have found new family members. Thank you for adopting.

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