Helping the New Director at the Detroit Animal Control Shelter

3/22/16 – Detroit is one of the many cities with countless animals in need of our help. There is a new director of the animal control facility who is doing everything within her power to make conditions better. We have recently donated over $400.00 of medicine to the organization that is working with Detroit Animal Control, so that we can help hundreds of animals being brought in off of the streets in Detroit. The medications will help with the treatment of several parasites, superficial wounds, diarrhea, minor pain relief, and It will ultimately give each animal a stronger chance of survival. Detroit Animal Control is one of the many cities in desperate need of funding towards care for strays. Go to your city council meetings. Discuss options for the stray animals found on your streest in need of help. Come up with a protocol for these situations to alleviate animal suffering. It is possible, but, not without the support of the community. Lack of resources is a huge problem in EVERY city. Please help make it better by asking questions about what exactly your city does right now for animal related issues and not just Monday through Friday, but on nights, weekends, holidays, and after 4 pm during the week. Don’t be suprised when you find out that there are NO options for stray animal emergencies in most cities. Thank you, Gina

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