Their Owners Moved and They Were Thrown Outside

4/8/16 – Unfortunately, this is the cruelty that we are faced with day in and day out — people who not only abandon their cats but throw them outside like trash. A truly feral cat has learned to live in the wild but a domesticated cat cannot. Uneducated or uncaring humans believe a cat is a cat! And, unfortunately, most times the animal is not spayed/neutered which means they have contributed to the overpopulation. The majority of the cats rescued on the streets by our friends, were once someone’s pet. It is truly heartbreaking!!

Here are four beautiful, very sweet cats who were thrown outside when their owners moved. The manager of the mobile home park wanted them gone “yesterday”. There are 3 intact males and 1 intact female. We are just praying the female is not already pregnant. Fortunately, the right person was contacted and she is trying to find forever homes for them ( They will all be fixed, vaccinated, and tested complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Your donations afford us the opportunity to make a small difference in the world in which we live. ~ diana

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