Ali (aka Tootsie) – Only 3 Days Old and Caught in a Recliner

6/8/16 – ali(((6:8:16 Ali 6:8:16Update on Tootsie (aka Ali) – Surgery went well but he lost a lot of skin that had ro be removed from infection. Rebecca and Aaron from NBS rescue purchased and delivered a special type of honey made for wound healing cases like this.
We are having a very difficult time keeping the area covered because it’s a terrible area to bandage. He has constant movement with his leg and even trying to immobilize the leg with bandage material has been impossible so far. Jamie from Advanced Animal Emergency Hospital was kind enough to deliver a special bandage material tonight to see if it would work, but by the time I got him home he had most of it off. We are going to try another type of adhesive bandage tomorrow and see if that works. Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers. He is a little fighter and he has made his way into all of our hearts! Gina

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