Ali (aka Tootsie) Update – Caught in a Recliner and Abandoned by His Owners

6/7/16 ali 6:7:16--- ali***6:7:16 ali^^^6:7:16 ali***6:7:16Ali (aka Tootsie) – Update, at 6pm we are going to do another surgical procedure because despite all efforts to prevent infection the skin is opening up at the incision site. The Dr. is going to remove the infected skin and our good friend Rebecca from NBS is bringing some special Honey that promotes healing. It is used in cases like this. I’ll update again this evening. The good news is, Tootsie is taking the bottle much better today and he is very strong. His will to live is what gives me all the hope. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Paws Crossed and Thank you all for your support!!!!! Gina

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