Ali – Under One Pound and Caught in A Recliner

Meet “Tootsie” (aka ‘Ali)ali6:7:16 ali++6:7:16 ali's stitches6:7:16 ali's missing toes6:7:16 ali---6:7:16A 3-day old puppy who needs lots of prayers. He was abandoned by his owner last night. His injuries are from being caught in a recliner. He had a huge laceration that was repaired and he lost 2 toes. I am bottle feeding and providing intensive care around the clock. He is a huge risk because he’s just a baby and his immune system is weak. He is strong and one hell of a fighter! I’m going to take it day-to-day, but serious prayers are needed. If you would like to donate towards the care for Tootsie, it is always appreciated. We will keep you updated on his progress. Thank you, Gina

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