Shadow – RIP Sweet Boy

6/27/16 – My heart breaks because we weren’t able to help this sweet baby in time. She was rescued from the streets and has been lethargic and not eating well for a couple of days. The rescuer assumed it was because of the heat. I know that my sweeties have been just laying around all week-end. Today we were contacted and we immediately jumped in to have Shadow taken to a veterinary clinic. They found her temperature below average and that she had a urinary blockage. She was immediately taken to a hospital who could better care for her and while there she went into cardiac arrest and died. I am so sorry that we could not be there sooner for her. It brings back memories of my own black sweetheart who was lethargic after her ‘brother died’, little did we know that she was dying of a broken heart. RIP sweet Shadow. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t do more. ~ diana

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
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