Ali – As He Grows, He Will Need Surgery to Relieve Tension in His Skin

8/19/16 – Before and After pic’s…it’s a miracle that he survived this injury at only 2 days old. Please help us now help him with his final surgery.
Ali has major scars from his terrible injury, but the enormous wound has healed. He also lost 2 toes on the opposite foot. I’ve had him for over 12 weeks now, and he is more than ready for a forever home. BUT. In the very near future, Ali needs a consultation and a surgical procedure at Michigan State Veterinary Hospital. He will be seeing the specialist Dr. Stanley who is AMAZING with these types of cases. She took care of our “Sommerset”. Ali has tension in the area of the scar tissue, and as he gets bigger there is more tension. We are in need of donations for his upcoming care which will probably be about $1000 or more. If you can help we would greatly appreciate it! You can donate by clicking on the ‘donate’ link on this site or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 ♡ Thank You ♡ Ginaali 7:19:16ali tension in leg 8:19:16ali wound soaks 6:19:16ali w:stitches 6:9:16

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