Earl – No One Knows Why His Back Legs are Paralyzed

8/18/16 – As we enter our 7th year I want to introduce our friends to Earl and another phenomenal good Samaritan. A homeowner looked out her back door and saw this little ‘thing’ trying to move across her lawn. The little ‘thing’ was a kitten with two paralyzed back legs. No one knows how or why but the rescuer decided quickly that Earl would become a permanent family member. Earl has been taken to a chiropractor by his new mom and she has worked diligently putting Earl through exercises and massages. 4 Paws 1 Heart learned of Earl and decided that, if wanted, we would ask our good friend, Dr. Kern, to also assess Earl. Earl is loving life, even with his disability. Mom keeps him in a ‘onesy’ and takes care of his every need. There is no doubt that he is a little doll. We will keep you posted. Please keep all paws crossed and just remember that without your support and donations, little guys like Earl would be euthanized in shelters or die horrible deaths on the street. ~ dianaearl 8:8:16 w:keina platte and dnajeraearl8:12:16

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