Blackie – Very Sick, He Was Found in the Middle of the Street

8/16/16 – Meet Blackie, a sweet 4-week old kitten found in the middle of the street. I received a frantic call for help from a person we recently helped. She had just rescued a mom and four kittens. Blackie had runny eyes, white gums, and was totally infested with fleas. Debbie (the rescuer) gave Blackie a bath with Dawn soap and the water was just bloody from the flea infestation. Can you imagine if he was left on the street any longer?

Unfortunately, Debbie did not have transportation but we felt that Blackie needed to get to a veterinarian asap. I put out a call to our Village and our good friend, Rachel G., stepped up. Blackie was picked up and within 30 minutes was at one of our favorite veterinary hospitals (Patterson) and being treated. Blackie was given medicine for an upper respiratory infection. He was anemic from the flea medication but will recover fully. When Blackie is no longer contagious, he will be allowed to be with the recently rescued mom and her kittens. Another life saved because of people who care, willing to work together. ~ diana

blackie 8:13:16blackie---8:13:16

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