T-Bone – His Suffering Is Over – RIP Sweet Boy

8/15/16 – R.I.P. Sweet T-Bone

It was only 9 days ago that I received a message from one of our followers (Amanda) who needed help with a 14 year old that she justI took in. T-Bone’s owner was going to put him down or drop him off at kill shelter. Amanda couldn’t stand the thought of this senior cat being thrown away like trash because his family didn’t have the “time to deal with him”. Amanda told me that T-Bone is very skinny, throws up and doesn’t always urinate in his litter box. We decided that he deserved a chance to see a veterinarian and be treated if possible.

T-Bone was taken to the veterinary, examined, and tested. It was determined that he did suffer from a hyper thyroid and possibly kidney and/or heart disease. He was put on medication and Amanda and her family decided he would stay with them as long as he needed. Unfortunately, T-Bone took a turn for the worse, stopped eating, and appeared to be in pain. On Saturday, it was decided to end his suffering and allow him to pass over the rainbow bridge.

As hard as these decisions are to make, we must always find comfort in the fact that at least this innocent creature died knowing love and did not die alone, suffering on the street or in the coldness of a shelter environment. ~ diana

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